Election Podcast - Full of Great Ideas for Our City

Jamaal Myers speaks of the need to get people engaged, by meeting them where they live

Adam Roy Cohoon shares ways to improve engagement City Hall, safety on our roads. and connection over our airwaves.

What could our city feel like if we made space for limitless creativity?

Rocco Achampong speaks of his love of a city that lets us travel halfway around the world in just four blocks.

Our neighbourhoods matter, and so does your voice

From water fountains to the waterfront, let's have a city that works for everyone

Nothing's off the table when it comes to asking for what you want

When we value just being, we create space for joy

Using crisis response teams, block parties and increased housing to create vibrant neighbourhoods

Ideas on speeding up the building repair process, tackling food waste and more to make Toronto better

What happens if we stop letting fear take the reins of our city and let creativity be our guide instead?

Outdoor rinks, pools and parks bring people together no matter who they are or how much money they have.

How playful design and finding the wow can make our lives better

How about a tidy kitchen approach to support a happy, thriving city?

There's a lot more than one approach to crime

What if we used patience and understanding to make Toronto better?

What if our civic identity is to be a city run as a healthy democracy, where we each use our personal power to participate, innovate, and make positive change?

What could our city be if we stopped looking at housing as a commodity to be exploited?

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