Sarah for Mayor

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My Vision

The beautiful Toronto we all want awaits us. It’s time to go forward with big vision and a new approach to action. My mission is to bring the amazing diversity of people, viewpoints and knowledge together to create a city where we don’t just reside, we thrive.

I offer an approach that’s about finding solutions, not prescribing them. 

Whether you’re a tenant, homeowner or developer, a police officer or a plant biologist, a garbage collector or a teacher, and whether you drive, bike or get around in a wheelchair, I trust your knowledge of the obstacles you face and want to hear you’d overcome them. As Mayor, I’ll use the best ideas and evidence residents have to offer, and I’ll do everything I can to involve you in the decisions that affect your community.

In the essays below, I share my perspective so you know my core values. And in my regular podcast,  I share the vision and expertise of my fellow Torontonians. 

So take a look at what I have to offer, and if you like my approach, join my team. And if you want to know how I would approach a challenge you are facing, just ask me!

Why I'm Running

Why I’m Running for Mayor

Whether they are a close family member or a radio talk show host, every person who learns that I’ve entered the race to become Toronto’s

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Do We Need Uber?

Alleged shenanigans involving Uber are hitting the front page in Toronto. I’m always less interested in these types of scandals, and more in the big

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Accessibility and Democracy

Accessibility and Democracy

When I arrived at City Hall on June 29 to register to run for Mayor, I was mildly frustrated that there were plenty of security

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