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Sarah Climenhaga is a lifelong Toronto resident committed to a vision of a city that thrives economically and environmentally. She has been a part of local grassroots initiatives in her community related to green spaces for children, transit improvement and pedestrian safety. She’s advocated for better street design and at budget hearings. And she has run for office twice, where she learned that, while conflict gets the headlines, it doesn’t lead to solutions. She’s defied categorization, being as comfortable serving political movers and shakers as a waitress as she is debating them at the Board of Trade. Whether it’s raising her children, raising her voice as a deputant at City Council, or raising questions when few are willing to speak up, she brings openness, curiosity and compassion to the table.

If you’re interested in what’s possible, join Sarah as she shares her vision for what’s possible in this great city we call home.

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