I’m a lifelong Toronto resident committed to a vision of a city that thrives economically and environmentally. I’ve been part of local grassroots initiatives related to green spaces for children, transit improvement and pedestrian safety. I’ve advocated for better street design and at budget hearings. I’ve served political movers and shakers as a waitress and debated them at the Board of Trade. I’ve been the Executive Director at a non-profit which paid me a salary and been a stay at home mom which did not. This is my third run for mayor and I’m done with conventional campaigns. Our democracy seems to me to just shuffle people around. No matter what political stripe the new leader is, the status quo always seems to win. Wealth, power and control continue to concentrate in fewer and fewer hands, while our quality of life and the health of the natural environment on which we depend suffers. So I don’t take this election too seriously. I’m in this for the opportunity and the joy of sharing my vision with others who are looking for something new.

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