Don't Donate

Have you ever gone to a Donate page that says not donating is the best option?

Well, now you have!

This campaign is a long shot, and I don’t believe in wasting your money or my time on fundraising. I also think we can accomplish a lot in Toronto with a fraction of the money we spend right now. So I’m using my campaign as an example of how to do things with very little money. 

If you are an Ontario resident and really want to donate to cover my minor expenses (eg cell phone bill or the hosting costs of this website), you can etransfer [email protected]. But please don’t donate more than $20 because I don’t want to raise or spend more than $10,000 – that’s a legal requirement to exempt a campaign from an audit.  A campaign audit costs $1500 and involves paperwork headaches, so I don’t want to have one done. That also means you won’t receive a contribution rebate. 

Thank you for your support!

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