Sarah for Mayor
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Looking for something different? I’m Sarah Climenhaga and I just might be the mayor you’ve been waiting for.

When you vote for me on October 24, you’ll be saying you want to be part of a gentle revolution to transform our city.

I believe a mayor’s strength should come from residents, not veto power. Here’s what I want us to do, together.

  1. Create housing by all available means
  2. Transform our streets into vibrant places with rapid transit lanes and active transportation corridors 
  3. Treat our environmental life support systems with reverence and respect
  4. Drop fares for seniors and transform TTC funding
  5. Make budget decisions on taxation and spending with full resident participation
  6. Combat crime by preventing the causes while tending to the symptoms
  7. Eliminate fees, permits and paperwork for city enhancing activities
  8. Establish clear, easy to follow and properly enforced city bylaws
  9. Create transparency and accountability through democratic reform
  10. Eliminate mandates while supporting the common good

Learn more in the vision section of this website, find me in the news, and listen to great ideas in my campaign podcast.  And please, get in touch. I’d love to have you on the team!  

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